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by Don Sturgill
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    Don Sturgill

    Sean, I keep bouncing from one great idea to another. Any of them could likely prove fertile — if I would stop and focus. My problem is that I’m fascinated by everything and easily frustrated/fearful. I love the thrill of the idea and the dream, but stop short of putting in the hard, daily grind that can make something happen.

    Anyway… I want to stop the merry-go-round and get serious about developing my business. But which business/niche to choose? Potentials include time management (don’t laugh), copywriting, small business launching, SEO, promotions, book publishing, local business promotions, health/wealth/wisdom for the over 50 crowd, the significance of the wilderness tabernacle in a Christian’s life today, using a blender for health drinks, how to survive a catastrophe, songwriting, promotions for authors, guest blogging … the list goes on and on (and I’ve started to run with each of those and more in the past).

    How can I pick something and run with it, Sean? One thing I’m sure of: I can’t do it all.

    Sean Mize


    there is no easy answer

    but one thing is for sure: if every day you are doing something new, you will never build anything

    imagine if Steve Jobs had built a new company every year instead of building up one great company


    Don Sturgill

    I worked back through the lessons, Sean, and listened/re-listened to more of your talks.

    The choice seems obvious. All arrows point to firing up an eBook Dojo to focus on writing, publishing, and promoting.

    How about I just stop looking and start building?

    It’s like pushups… there ain’t nothing wrong with the idea, and I have access to everything I need to do it.

    Buck McDaniel

    Hi, Don, I really understand your situation. I’ve been there and I work through it everyday.

    I have so many things started it’s like having a dozen bosses demanding I do something different everyday.

    I had to regroup and reorganize and prioritize my focus. I almost want to cry when I let something else go.

    It is certainly more profitable to work on only one business than several at one time. The question I have for myself is, which one do I work on?

    Don Sturgill

    Seems to me, Buck, there’s no wrong answer. Any one of my projects could fly… but not without focus. I’ll bet it’s the same for you.

    Sean Mize

    Better to have one fly by relentless focus than 10 die from relentless distraction –


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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