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by Buck McDaniel
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    Buck McDaniel

    A few weeks ago, I challenged Sean’s policy of cleaning his list of undeliverables after only 30 days. Today, I received his email, that I am sure you all received as well, about his new book on doubling email conversions.

    I started to respond to this in private email, but because I owe him an apology, and because it is of significant interest to everyone here, I decided to share it in the public forum.

    Two days after challenging Sean on his decision to clean his list of undeliverables every 30 days, I started hearing other marketers making similar suggestions. There are more details in my response that follows.

    I expect that this conversation is important to everyone involved.

    Disclaimer: Sean and I go back a few years in email conversation. In personal emails I am quite frank. In private, it is just us, but here on the forum, it is public and may come across disrespectful to some of you. Believe me when I tell you I have no higher respect for any marketer or friend than I have for Sean Mize! He is my Brother-in-Christ and I would not do anything to intentionally challenge his honor, intent or his love for each of you reading this. I decided to publish the email as I would have sent it privately.

    Thank you for understanding. The email reply follows:

    Howdy, Sean

    First of all, I owe you an apology. When I first read that you were cleaning your list in just 30 days, I was a bit offended because at the time I was using a text-only email service I was ousted from your Christian coaching program.

    But, just two days after the conversation on your coaching forum, I started hearing chatter from the rest of the IM community about email deliverability being cut across the board. One friend and successful PLR marketer says his open rate dropped from over 60% to under 15% and his income went with it.

    I have heard, basically, two reasons for the problems. A couple of marketers seem to be implying that JVZoo is spamming their list so badly with get-rich-schemes and crappy products. The other complaint that I’ve heard is that Google created a filter algorithm. With Google now the most used service for filtering emails, this sounds more legitimate to me.

    Today, the email I received before reading this one is from Omar and Melinda who are holding a fake-webinar to teach people the new methods of reaching their audience and customer base.

    Even my own private email has been affected. The email I am replying to you with was only received by two of six people when I sent them their bonus from Tiffany’s discount launch. To me, that doesn’t make sense since I strongly protect it and you are one of only two marketers who has the email address. Even then, I use it to reply. I am subscribed under personal email addresses, as you probably know.

    So, in the shadow of this email crash, with email deliverability down to as low as 10-30%, doubling my email conversions is the farthest thing on my mind! Getting the email delivered is the real issue.

    My first questions to you are: How has this affected you? If it is affecting you, what are you planning to do about it?

    You teach us to ask your list what they want, then give them the answer. Well, here it is.

    Unfortunately, I realize I am asking you something that may take you away from your other tasks and obligations. I doubt that there is an instant answer and I don’t expect the it to fit in a short email reply.

    I guess what I am asking is that you create a new product, a new ebook and/or audio-inar or whatever. I believe this issue is serious and affects the way we all of us (you, me and your other students) will do marketing now and in the future.

    Again, I apologize. I believe that God has already given you direction to deflect some of this email ‘crash’, for lack of a better term. Other marketers are already telling us to clean our emails, so at least its the starting place.

    hmmm… Before I go, I have decided rather than email this, I will publish it on your coaching forum. It is something everyone needs to know and understand. I hope you don’t mind. But I am sure it will be a hot topic there.

    Thank you and God Bless.

    Sean Mize


    no worries, and I hope it does become a hot topic!

    so . . . for advice on it – I’m not expert, and one of the keys to my success is I find easy solutions and don’t spend too much time on something past what’s necessary

    so . . .for me, dropping leads after no opens or clicks after 30 days works well for me and keeps my deliverability decent.

    that alone should keep google from feeling as though I’m sending spam (which is what they are after, my best guess)


    Buck McDaniel

    I took a day off from my scheduled work to research this issue with Google slapping the inbox.

    My plan was to organize the material and create a WSO. After getting it organized and somewhat outlined, I decided it is more work than I expected and it will take me from my current projects too long.

    I still think it is important for everyone to learn, so I decided to share it here.
    After looking at the title of this thread, I think it is better if I create a new thread instead.

    So, look for “Get Your Email Delivered” in the Ask Anything forum.

    Thank you,

    Sean Mize

    an idea:

    a new email address

    if that doesn’t work, and new autoresponder company

    or at least ask them what you can do to fix it, if that doesn’t work, take action fast, you are losing your list fast


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