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    Cynthia Leighton


    Your observations are helpful for me!

    I’m struggling with all this, doing anything is so hard for me right now.

    Yet I can tell it is helping me.

    And I do feel that I am very slowly moving in the right direction.


    Rick Smith

    Cynthia –

    It’s a process for all of us. And it can be slow and hard. I know it is for me. I was sitting here wracking my brain trying to remember what I accomplished yesterday. Then it hit me. “Well, duh! You haven’t done your daily review yet today because you assisted your son with his move this morning!” So… I’ll do my daily review right now so I can report on what I did yesterday.

    Rick Smith

    July 1 accountability

    1. Completed daily review.
    2. Completed the “Your Monetary Blueprint” section (I’ll post my answers in just a bit.)
    3. Began working on the section “Bringing the work outline and the monetary outline together to create your final blueprint.”

    Rick Smith

    Your Monetary Blueprint

    What do YOU see as the way to get to about $8k a month ($100k a year) for example, would you have 100 clients at $83 a month, or 200 clients at $42 a month, or 400 buyers at $21 each, or some combination of that?
    Initially, I want to have 345 members per month at $29 per month. This would mean income of $10,005 per month. This would provide to me $120,060 per year.

    Would you have single trainings (maybe $20 each), a membership at $30 or $40 a month, coaching at $97 a month, and multiple-track products at $100 – $1000 each, or a combination of all?

    To begin with, I plan to offer 13 modules in a 13 week membership program. I already have these modules identified. Secondly, I’m thinking of providing an “advanced” membership as a followup program for the initial membership site. I’m thinking this program will run for at least another 13 weeks. I haven’t yet clearly defined this program.

    In addition, I’m thinking of adding at least one home study course and a group coaching program. Plus, I love Sean’s idea of creating a product a week. I don’t yet have these ideas clearly defined, either.

    What has to happen for that to happen?

    1. I must complete my initial membership site.

    2. Next, I’ll begin implementing Sean’s “core four.” The first pieces of that puzzle are daily content and daily emails. Implementing the “core four” will get the traffic moving to the membership site.

    3. I’m thinking of using another domain I own as a portal type site. I’m thinking of offering the products as well as well the group coaching from that site. I really haven’t thought through this aspect that much.

    What are the 3 biggest things that answering the earlier questions and my feedback have done for you, or helped you realize?
    1. I don’t think big enough. I’ve got to think bigger. I have to think more along the lines of the 1 million person business model and the big business consolidation model. I’ve begun to do that but I have to do it more.

    2. Creating an online business is just as much work as creating an offline business. I think I realized that before but I really didn’t realize it at a core level.

    Rick Smith

    Bringing the work outline and the monetary outline together to create your final blueprint

    Based on everything you’ve written and what you want to accomplish, and realizing that tightly focused action on 2-3 main things will get you much further than trying to EVERYTHING, what do YOU see as your Blueprint?
    1. Complete my basic membership site yourpathtoweightloss.com.
    2. Begin adding lessons to the membership site.
    3. Begin adding daily content to the membership site.
    4. Begin recording weekly training lessons.
    What are the 3-5 things you’ll do to build your business?
    1. Establish an expert presence by creating daily content and posting it on my membership and on various other sites.
    2. Create a big business/portal website.
    3. Create a list 50 – 100 websites in my niche.
    4. Establish relationships with the site owners of the 50 – 100 websites in the list in step 3 above.
    5. Begin placing content on the websites from step 4 above.

    What are the 3-5 things you’ll “sell” to bring in the income?
    1. Memberships to my membership site.
    2. Weekly trainings.
    3. Home study courses.
    4. Group coaching programs.
    5. Possibly one on one coaching programs.
    What are the price points on those “things”?
    1. Memberships – $27 per month.
    2. Weekly trainings – $10 per week.
    3. Home study courses – don’t know yet.
    4. Group coaching programs – don’t know yet.
    How many do you need to sell to hit your financial goal?
    1. 345 memberships at $27 per month would be $9,315 per month for a total of $111,780.
    2. 50 trainings per week at $10 each would provide an additional income stream of $2,000 for a monthly total of $11,315 per month. This would be a yearly total of $135,780.
    3. Home study courses – don’t know yet.
    4. Group coaching prorgams – don’t know yet.
    What has to happen to sell those? (this is where you list the things you’ll do to get folks to come to your website, the articles you’ll write, the products you’ll create, the interactions you’ll have)
    1. Begin working through and implementing Bevan Bird’s 1,111 Facebook contacts in 90 days.
    2. Invite all my current Facebook contacts and address book(s) to visit my squeeze page and subscribe.
    3. Create my EzineArticles account. Begin creating expert articles in my niche.
    4. Create daily content.
    a. Articles on EzineArticles.
    b. Blog posts on my website.
    c. Guest blog posts on niche websites.
    d. Videos.
    1. YouTube.
    2. Vimeo.
    3. TubeMogul.
    e. Podcasts.
    5. Products.
    a. Membership lessons.
    b. Weekly trainings.
    c. Home study courses.
    d. Possibly group coaching.
    e. Possibly one on one coaching.

    Cynthia Leighton

    Rick, looks wonderful! Well throught out. And it is big and wide: lots of good stuff in your plan. You’re ahead of me. I’m a bit behind you. I’m still working my way through the questions before these. I have an initial blueprint that I’m still thinking and revising. My next step to listen to the core 4 training with section 2.8 (which I think might be a recording I remember from what I did last year when I’d taken Sean’s 6 week million person business training last year and then another 6 week one. I worked slowly at it and regained skill. Then I kept at it until was able to do those okay. Then I joined this here).


    Rick Smith

    Cynthia –

    I’m ahead of you in some ways but you’re ahead of me in others. You have your website up. You’re consistently working on your daily content. I’m not there with either one of those things. I’ve listened to the core 4 training a couple of times. I’ve gotta answer those questions.

    Rick Smith

    Cynthia –

    I’ve thinking about what you said about my blueprint being big and wide. I hope it’s not too big and wide. I’m focusing on a fairly narrow subniche of the weight loss niche which of course is a subniche itself of the health and fitness niche which is really a subniche of the self-improvement niche. Interesting. I’d never really walked through that thought process before. 🙂

    Rick Smith

    July 2 accountability

    1. Daily review.
    2. Began working on the section “Your Daily Activities to Achieve Your Blueprint.” (Actually, I started listening to the audios a few days ago.)
    3. Finished listening to the core 4 training for the second time.
    4. Began reading “Triggers” by Marshall Goldsmith (purchased the Kindle version on Friday. Forgot to mention that.)
    4. More sprinkler work.

    Rick Smith

    Your Daily Schedule to Achieve Your Blueprint

    First, listen to the Core 4 Daily Training under 3) on this page:
    Core 4 Daily Training

    Then write down the 3-5 things that need to happen each day to achieve your goal

    1. Daily content. 30 minutes.
    2. Daily email. 15 minutes.
    3. Work on coaching program, products, sales letters, etc. 30 minutes.
    4. Promote my expert presence, products, etc. 45 minutes.

    Write down an amount of time needed each day to do those things.

    I’m not going to assign times to those activities yet and here’s why. I do better when I follow Sean’s action management strategies than when I time block. So these activities will be going into Todoist once I get the website completed. I’ve revised my launch date to August 31st. (I may shorten that time frame but I want to keep it there for now.) I may well assign times to the core 4 activities later because I typically work on these projects in the morning. But I can see I’m gonna have to do more at night once I get the sprinkler project finished.

    Rick Smith

    July 3 accountability

    1. Attended numerous church meetings as I do every Sunday.
    2. Completed the section “Your Daily Schedule to Achieve Your Blueprint.”

    Cynthia Leighton


    When I said big and wide I was referencing your comment about you did not think you were thinking big enough. You seem to be on the right track from what you’re putting here! Thanks for your encouragement to me.


    Rick Smith

    Cynthia –

    Thanks for the clarification.

    Rick Smith

    July 4th accountability

    1. Ran my annual 4th of July 5K with my oldest son and one of his friends.
    2. Listened to part of Sean’s “Ultimate Lifestyle Business Part 1” recording during the race.
    3. Spent the rest of the day enjoying family activities.
    4. Read a bit more in “Triggers.”

    Rick Smith

    My answers to the section “Get Started Building InfoBusiness.”

    Your niche

    15 million people in the U.S. alone who are morbidly obese.

    What do you teach that changes lives?

    I teach people how to remove their excess weight and keep it off forever.

    How do you change lives?

    I provide to people my incredible, proprietary information products and services. These products and services consist of membership sites, courses, weekly trainings, and coaching.

    What is the single biggest thing you teach that people know you for (or that you want them to know you for)

    Removing ones’ excess weight from ones’ life is not just about some diet or exercise program. If you don’t have your mind right first you won’t be able to achieve lasting weight loss.

    What do you already have in place in your business (products, articles, videos, etc)?

    1. I have quite a bit of good health, fitness, and weight loss PLR. Plus I also have some not so good health, fitness, and weight loss PLR. The first group will be relatively easy and quick to use. The second group would take quite a bit of rewriting to get ready.
    The good PLR consists mostly of videos and documents (PDF and Word docs).

    2. I have a checklist plugin (which I’ll have to find) that I got with some product or other.

    3. I have some food and recipe plugins.

    4. I have the Fitness Firesale resale rights products. That also includes some PLR.

    5. I have some health and fitness social media items; quotes, infographics, graphics, etc.

    What is your greatest weakness (the biggest thing that holds you back from achieving success online)?

    I’ve detailed this in other documents but it boils down to me being my own biggest weakness. I can’t get of my own way sometimes.

    What are the 3 biggest reasons you chose to do this with me?

    1. When we get this business implemented and clicking on all cylinders it will provide a level of freedom that I’m really ready to enjoy.

    2. Sean is one of the most enthusiastic people I know. He’s very passionate about what he does and it’s clear that he totally believes he can change lives through his solutions. Some of his passion transfers to me when I associate with him and I get energized about my solutions all over again.

    3. Another benefit that I get from working with Sean is the incredible clarity I get from answering his questions.

    How many hours are you willing to work per day?

    I’m willing to work at least two hours per day on my infobusiness.

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