Rubber meets the road

by Sharon Bechtold
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    Sharon Bechtold

    I did my Monetary Blueprint – ugh!

    I was dreading this one.

    My saving grace was when my 13 year old bounced down the stairs and declared he would help me with this task. Oh boy…

    After having to explain the concept to him numerous times (he kept getting distracted by calculating what I would make per minute or how many clients I would need to reach each second – at one time he even locked up the calculator with an infinite sum, this really excited him – math geek) I finally clarified this whole concept in my own mind by re-explaining it to him, and created my Monetary Blueprint.

    Thank heavens for teenage hormonal hyperactivity!

    Here it is…

    Monthly figures

    100 books sold @ $5 each – net (Amazon)
    100 members @ $17 per month (1 story per week & FB private group)
    40 training programs @ $47 each (unknown structure)
    20 home study programs @ $97 each (unknown structure)
    12 group coaching clients @ 166 per month ($497 for a 12 week program – 1 live Q&A call/week, 1 lesson/week with homework, FB forum)
    3 private 1:1 coaching clients @ $325 per month (6 month program for $1950 – 2 – 1 hr calls per month, Weekly audio, Homework, unlimited email access)

    Total is a bit over the $8,000 – $8,987 to be exact – but it’s bedtime and I’m not redoing the numbers now. I’ll run with this as-is.

    My immediate tasks include…

    Create a great opt-in offer to collect email addresses (Aweber)
    Create a social media distribution strategy that repurposes my content, start basic then add one outlet at a time.

    Write 5-20 articles per week and publish (I’m still slow at this) then share on social media channels I already own IG,FB,LI,Twitter
    Create 5-10 YouTube videos per week of articles to post on my site and link to original article. Also share on social media.
    Write and illustrate one story per week (this will drive the article topics) – create a YouTube video and share on social media, also share illustrations (work in progress) on social media to promote the video and upcoming book and get peeps on my list.
    Write 3-5 emails to list per week.

    Combine 4 stories into small illustrated book and publish via CreateSpace. Promote book.

    Sometime in the next 3 months
    Create membership (autoresponder, FB group)
    Create Group Coaching Program
    Update my bio on the website.
    Merge my site with my DreamtimetoRealtime site.

    Now take a sedative and head to bed!!!!

    🙂 Sharon

    Sean Mize


    I’m proud of you!

    Now the next challenge is going to be to keep laser focused on what you’ve written there and do one thing at a time. I encourage you to post your progress here every single day, give yourself a reason to complete something each day – because you are going to report in here!


    Sharon Bechtold

    Okay, I created a chart with my daily tasks.

    Recorded 30 minutes on my topic – kind of rough but done (I think I rambled there for a while)
    Daily email – not too bad
    3 articles – 3 hours and very meh
    Recorded 2 youtube audios – tons of mistakes need to edit a bit totally yucky but they are done, have to plan a way to streamline this)
    added my audio to my membership site (such as it is, still under construction but I do now have 1 recording)

    no posted articles from today – honestly I am fried!!!

    still no opt-in

    Okay – I’m pretty proud I got this all done. Quality is not what I would like but onward and forward.

    Sharon Bechtold

    Got my opt-in done!!!!

    Posted a few pics on instagram and got 3 new subscribers!!!!

    Thanks Sean.

    I was on your call yesterday with Michael Fargarson and also listened to the recordings you suggested before the call. I must admit I have pretty much given up on my original goal in building my business online and resorted to the “just make money online” thinking.

    I’ve spent nearly 12 years establishing myself as one of the foremost pyrographers in North America and really wanted to create a membership site. I’ve had all sorts of setbacks and a number of people who tell me to do something else.

    I’ve made my living full-time for over 8 years teaching, writing and selling artwork – now I want to stop traveling all over the country and teach online. I appreciate the advice you gave me yesterday and am renewing my original plan to move forward with teaching pyrograpy online (also known as woodburning).

    Thanks again,


    BTW here is my site in case you want to see what pyrography is all about

    Sharon Bechtold

    Posted a video and got 5 new subscribers. Sent out an email to my old list and had 2 encouraging replies! Doing an art show this weekend and finished listening to Sean’s purpose audios. Lots of stuff is making sense. I created flyers for people who come to the show so they visit my site and sign up!!!

    Have an awesome weekend everyone


    Buck McDaniel

    BTW here is my site in case you want to see what pyrography is all about

    Very nice!

    Sharon Bechtold

    Listened to the audio in the All Access group this morning on Price Based Results.

    I am a bit of a pioneer in my industry so there isn’t anyone doing what I intend to do. Although they are doing it in similar industries. So I am taking what I normally teach live and working on getting some form of structure together for online/remote delivery. The 10×10 matrix is a help and I am getting feedback from my daily emails and growing my list. Still feels overwhelming since I really feel I am blazing an untrodden path.

    Next step today –
    create written content or video outline based on my 10×10 matrix
    write my daily email
    upload a youtube snippet of the project I’m working on (hummingbird) with link to squeeze page
    Post Youtube on my site and share on FB – my page and groups
    Post an image of the artwork in progress with a link in Instagram to the youtube video

    (I still need to figure out the membership stuff for my site as I’m not sure how it works. I have 65 completed patterns in PDF format ready to upload in a membership site. I also have about 10 hours of video demonstration that I have to compile in Camtasia)

    I am video taping the artwork I am working on for a gallery so I can create trainings and patterns in the future. I have 12 pieces due by Mid May so I will have at least 12 complete tutorials and 12 new patterns by then.

    I’m trying not to get overwhelmed and just keep moving forward. The 10×10 matrix should help.

    I must admit that I am easily rattled. I know the quality of my work is extremely high and I do consider myself the top Pyrography instructor/designer and one of the top pyrographic artists – yes I can dominate my market (no, I’m not bragging – I’ve been doing this a long time and have the experience and credentials to back it up). This doesn’t mean I’m not scared to death to put myself out there in a bold way. No one else it stepping up to dominate so I really need to get out there, planning that this training will get me there.

    Thanks for your support 🙂

    Dejan Cerv

    Great job Sharon!

    You are very productive.

    Nice site and really great videos! The butterfly, burned on paper, looks very real.

    Sharon Bechtold

    Busy Day today.

    Emails – Been sending out a daily email – getting a few unsubscribes but also getting feedback from subscribers. Been picking up from 3 – 7 subscribers per day.

    Building Products- I opened a basic account with ClickFunnels to set up my membership site. Started uploading content already – super easy platform, I will need to make it earn its keep though (a bit pricey).

    Generating Content – Am writing one item on my 10×10 matrix per day and also video taping my work in progress for YouTube and training.

    Marketing Content – Publishing to YouTube and/or writing article to share online and directing them to my opt-in

    Evaluating all my related websites and domains and figuring out where they fit in. – hosted on Weebly – my main site 10+years old with store and blog – hosted on BlueHost – active about 5 years mostly a pyro blog – hosted on – domain name is 9 years old, site is 6 months old – hosted through Fine Art America – sells my artwork and has a blog too – hosted on Host Gator – blog on Pyro stuff – new site need to set up – domain on GoDaddy – no site yet – domain only on GoDaddy – no site yet (used to be an etsy shop) – domain only on GoDaddy – no site yet

    Here is my list for YouTube and Article marketing/blogging – where I either post my articles or share my videos

    Working on evaluating Forums and groups. I am already a member of a number of them but need to evaluate effectiveness and where to spend my time.

    Social Media
    – Facebook Posting to my professional page and Pyro/wood art groups
    – Instagram – sharing images and sending them to the website.

    Other Stuff:
    I’ve gotten in touch with Pyrography magazine. I wrote an article and pattern for their last issue and sent in a pitch for the next issue.
    I’ll be submitting another article to ChipChats magazine – I have an ongoing pyrogaphy column in there (since 2013).
    Followed up on a query from last year by Fox Chapel Publishing for a book they want me to publish with them.
    I have one book that is out now on through Sparkleberry Industries just went live today.

    Whew! I think I need a nap!!!

    Sean Mize

    Great work! And writing it down like this will help keep you focused – when you are immersed in building like this, things can take off fast!


    Sharon Bechtold

    I’ve cancelled my Clickfunnels trial and am doing more research on membership sites.

    I’ve been sending out daily emails, getting good responses and activity.

    Yesterday I tried recording my topics instead of writing. Came out good for non-demo information. Lots of what I teach is mindset and art theory so it seems to be working out well. (thinking of trying the presentation option on Instant Teleseminar to see if I can at least put in some visuals)

    Recorded 30 minutes again today and found a transcriber on Fivrr – going to see if I can get it transcribed to clip parts of it for articles. This should save some time. Sent in my 30 minute audio on the basics of rendering animal fur.

    Created another video yesterday, posted and promoted.

    No more work for today and the weekend. I’m flying out to Dallas to be with my oldest son as he turns 30 tomorrow. Time is precious and kids grow up too fast. Thanks for all the support and make it a blessed weekend!!!!

    Sharon Bechtold

    I’ve been trimming and tracking my activities. Due to the huge amount of time it takes me to produce content I’m focusing on just a few things at a time. So for today…

    wrote 1 email and sent it
    uploaded 1 youtube video
    did some optomizing on my YouTube channel
    Shared my video on Instructibles and a bunch of Facebook groups
    Working on my membership site

    Thanks Sean for your latest talk on Fantasy to Reality as I am taking it to heart.

    Later ‘Gators!

    P.S. still freaking out when someone unsubscribes but hey, my open rate averages at 50% and clickthroughs at 30%. That’s the best I’ve EVER had. List is building slowly but I do get response that says “keep it coming”. A few emails also asking about the upcoming membership site and my Master Class. Niether of which I actually have yet. Hoping to get it up this weekend.

    Mark Rhodes

    Selling your membership and Master Class before they are created. Way to go!! Have those early birds fund the process. 🙂

    Sean Mize


    don’t worry when someone unsubscribes – I get several everyday! that just means they aren’t a good fit for you, that’s all

    just like if today you decided you didn’t want to get 100 emails a day and you go into your inbox and unsubscribe to a few you no longer read – it’s nothing personal, it’s just can only have so many close friends and mentors!


    Ley Gal

    Thanks Shanon
    Very good site, I wish you the best with your efforts.
    You are a sample to me, I will work step by step.



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