Rubber meets the road

by Sharon Bechtold
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    Sharon Bechtold

    What a frustrating day!

    I set out to finally get the membership activated on my site so I can begin to populate it and start inviting people to join. Well, my site is now down. I went ahead and got an SSL certificate and now I am unable to get to my site. Apparently everyone else can access it except me – on my computer! I can see it in my kids computer and the ipad and the phone but not on my computer. UGH!!!! Ran a virus scan – nothing!

    Deep breath. What am I missing? Why am I needing to pause right now?

    Any insights?


    Dejan Cerv


    Try to access your site through some other browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc). If this doesn’t work, try to access your site from some other computer.

    What was the last thing that you’ve changed on your site? Some new plugin? New theme? Maybe cleaning some cookies would help.

    Not sure which host you are using…but try to contact their support team. They will help you out.

    Sharon Bechtold

    Thanks Sean,

    Thanks, I tried all those things. Spent most of the day with the nice people at Blue Host. They had to escalate the problem.

    I finally called my IT guy and he thought it sounded like a virus. I could get in on other systems but not from my computer. I had to run 3 different antivirus scanners before we got it. FINALLY, I’m in! Now I think I need to go and reset my passwords just in case. I was getting an error message that my site was being redirected.

    I am grateful that I found out and it was just a one day inconvenience instead of some sort of financial disaster or identity theft thingy. I recently got alerted that my PayPal account had odd activity and also that someone had requested a password change from my Instagram account. Not sure if it is related, but better safe than sorry.

    Back to my membership 🙂


    Jenn Glidden

    Sharon your site is gorgeous! Keep up the great work building all the content out!


    Sharon Bechtold

    Whew, the membership site is up. FINALLY!!!

    I took the categories from my 10×10 matrix. Now I need to begin uploading content and create a sales page. I tested my live webinar software last weekend and it worked well. I want to be able to do live demonstrations so I am using WebinarJamStudio. So far so good. I still need to conduct a few more tests for signups etc.

    next steps:

    – Upload content
    – write sales letter
    – more tests with Webinar Jam (volunteers would be nice if anyone here is interested in Wildlife art or live demo webinars)
    – Figure out what the heck a “Master Class” will include ( I hit people up if they would be interested in a Hummingbird Masterclass and a bunch said yes)
    – Keep emailing daily
    – keep posting 3 youtubes per week

    Rest up – I’ve got a nasty cold.

    Thanks for all the support Sean, Jenn, Dejan and Ley

    Oh, and the membership site is my main site is

    Mark Rhodes

    Great progress, especially on the membership site!

    I would be available to sit in on a demo webinar.


    Dejan Cerv

    Great job Sharon. You are very productive and your videos are really great!

    I was watching your video where you burn the wolf on a tagua nut slice and idea popped in my mind. Actually, two ideas. Maybe this will be worth a lot to you, maybe not, but I feel I need to share this with you.

    Here it is :).

    People are crazy about the latest season of Game of Thrones (GOT). So I was thinking that you could make your training probably very popular if you would teach people how to burn some popular GOT characters on the wood.

    You could use the popularity of the show to make your work more recognizable to a very large audience. I’m sure you would get a lot of likes and shares on YouTube and Facebook. Who knows, maybe this could bring you a lot of new customers to.

    In a few new movie will come out. Warcraft. The movie is based on very popular game (Warcraft) and I know that people are spending a lot of money in that niche. The game has actually became a niche…

    So, you could create very popular youtube video: How to burn Jon Snow on wood/paper. (Jon Snow is very popular character in GOT). Or you could use some other character, for example Tyrion Lannister.

    Or, for Warcraft enthusiasts: How to burn Anduin Lothar on paper/wood. This character will be very popular after the movie comes out.

    I think it’s worth trying…Its just an idea that I wanted to share with you. Maybe this will give you some other, even better ideas.


    Sharon Bechtold

    Thanks Mark!

    I will post the info here when I am ready. I spent the past few weeks recovering from an upper respitory infection and a close brush with pneumonia. I now have a child sick with strep throat so I am a bit behind.

    Will let you know, thanks!!!

    Sharon Bechtold


    Email to list – Dealing with UFO’s (Un Finished Objects)

    Created content in form of Checklist – When to quit checklist
    Created content in form of video tutorial (Eagle with Fish on Box Elder)

    Uploaded content to membership site – 2 PDFs and 7 Projects

    Shared 3 videos on FB (direct to site)
    Posted videos (3) to my blog

    Sean Mize


    as these ufos get done, it will feel great!’


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