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by Dale Tyson
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    Dale Tyson

    When I do a Save As with a video, sometimes I’ll see a file type .html
    If I save on my PC, it will play and the URL will show as C://______ (path and file).

    I cannot use a file on my PC to show on a website. Is there some way to use this file on a website?

    Is there some type of “player” involved?

    Trevor Dumbleton

    Depends on the file type.

    If it’s MP3 or MP4 it’s pretty much standard and will play (assuming you upload it using Add Media in WordPress or similar) without you doing anything more than making the link clickable. Likewise a PDF will just show in the browser.

    If it’s a different format, it will probably need handling differently to work for everyone. So keep it simple and stick with standard formats – one less thing to worry about.

    Don Sturgill

    If I’m reading you right, that’s not a file. It’s an html link that plays in your browser, Dale.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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