Sean's Latest Email – 01/26/19

by Rick Smith
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    Rick Smith

    In today’s daily email Sean had a link to the following page:

    Two thoughts.

    1. This could arguably be one of the best (if not the best) sales letters Sean has ever written. I’ve saved it to Evernote to analyze it later.

    2. This question is more directed to Sean. Does your impending sale of your IM business affect the All Access membership in any way? You didn’t mention it in the sales letter but I want to make sure. Dan Kennedy said in the Dec. 2016 No B.S. Newsletter that he was going to be reducing his contributions to various GKIC publications.

    I’m still deciding if (or whether) this will affect me or not. Quite frankly, I’m paying for the newsletter to read what Dan has to say, not a bunch of people I know. If All Access is affected by your sale, I have to decide how (or if) this affects me. Again, I know you didn’t mention this in the sales letter but I want to make sure. If I have to make a change in coaching programs, I’d rather know it sooner rather than later. And if All Access isn’t affected by the sale, just tell me to go away and be quiet. 🙂


    Rick, I have just emailed Sean to ask exactly the same thing. Really great sales letter, plenty to learn from it.

    I like this group and I’m hoping Sean is stopping everything else but this. Fingers crossed 🙂


    Rick Smith

    Chris –

    I don’t know if you saw it yet but Sean’s email for today clarifies where he’s headed with the coaching.

    Don Sturgill

    Yep. He says things are going to ratchet down here and get even more intense. Tighten up your seatbelts, gang.


    Yeah great news Don and Rick. Last thing we needed was a change at the helm 🙂

    Rick Smith

    Don and Chris –

    Yeah baby! I’m excited! 🙂

    Bob Thibodeau

    Giddy UP!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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