Should I "Personalize" Squeeze Pages?

by Rick Smith
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    Trevor Dumbleton

    Not tried it but gut reaction is it shouldn’t harm and might well help.

    The obvious answer is split test if you’ve got enough traffic going to the pages but next best would be track it over a period of time – depending on how you’re displaying the optin form and which autoresponder company you use, you may have some stats in there so you’d be able to compare roughly the same number of impressions over time.


    Rick Smith

    Trevor –

    Thanks. I think I’m gonna do it. I’m not to the point of split testing yet. I’m still building the content so ppl don’t see/hear crickets when they come to the site. BTW, I now see why Sean says we should begin building our expert presence even before we start driving traffic. I wish I’d been doing that all along on this site.


    Donna Walsh

    I think personalization is the way to go.

    Just like with your sales letter, personalizing your message to a specific audience will more than likely get better results.


    Don Sturgill

    One concern would be whether those pages are accessible only by those audiences or may be accessed by other prospects who don’t fit the criteria.


    Rick Smith

    Donna & Don –


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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