Single Opt-in vs. Double Opt-in

by Rick Smith
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    Rick Smith

    Sean recently sent an email with a subject of “Get 4 Bonus Trainings…” Here’s the link to the web page.

    1k Set 1 – 4 Free Bonus Trainings

    There are some interesting lessons in how Sean put this together with the other marketers but that’s not what I want to ask about right now. (Perhaps I’ll write another post so we can discuss that in a day or two.) Anyway, I went ahead and signed up for two reasons.

    1. I was interested in most of what they were offering as freebies.
    2. I wanted to study how they were doing it.

    In the process of signing up I noticed a few things.

    1. All of them did exactly like Sean suggests in that none of them made me wait for the confirmation or welcome email to get the downloads.
    2. All of the opt-ins were single opt-ins with no confirmation emails.
    3. The one opt-in from the link I gave above worked for all of them. None of them made me opt-in again. I like that.

    As I said elsewhere, I’m in the process of creating my email campaign for my membership site. So with all of that background, here’s my question. How do you feel about single opt-in vs. double opt-in? I know a lot of autoresponder providers (I’m using GetResponse) are pretty sticky about it. I think AWeber even requires you to use double opt-in. (At least they did. I don’t know if they still do.)

    Trevor Dumbleton

    Autoresponder companies prefer you to use double opt-in but that’s mainly from the spam complaint side of things – their logic is that double opt-ins are less likely to claim subsequent emails are spam.

    Aweber default to double opt-in but you can change that on the list settings screen which is what I do. Get Response are usually very similar in features and their help says it’s do-able.

    As far as I know, Sean’s email is part of his recent case study and it was one of his requirements that you got taken directly to the download page. I guess there’s some behind the scenes code to get the one-time opt-in working for all lists.

    Sean Mize

    Hey, I’ll weigh in on this . . if you are getting good clean traffic, single optin is usually good. You’ll know if you need to switch to double because you are getting too many spam complaints – but honestly, if you are getting too many spam complaints generally speaking either your emails are not good and people don’t like them, or you are getting lousy leads and that needs to change.

    Autoresponder companies like double optin because it tells them someone really wants to be on your list.

    I believe that I should focus on ONLY getting folks on my list who WANT to be there, so I’m ok with single optin, because of my targeting.


    Cynthia Leighton


    I’m doing double optin from the pragmatic practical side right now. I plan to stick with Aweber and if you get too many spam complaints you lose your ability to choose between single and confirmed optin in Aweber accounts. Once I get my campaign in place and know all is running smoothly, I want to switch to single optin. I do not want to lose that timeframe’s option to choose single optin before I get to having a campaign with products available.

    Cynthia Leighton


    Oh! The logic part got left out on my post. Oops. If I lose single optin as an option, then my confirmed optin is already built and automatically goes into play the moment Aweber cuts me loose from single optin.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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