Warrior Forum WSO section still good for building a starter list?

by Carsten Hansen Hansen Tiensuu
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    After listening to Seans training, I´ve thought about starting to get traffic from Wso´s and the Warior Forum through sigs.

    Is Warrior Forum and the WSO section in particularly a good way to build the initial buyers list?

    My experience has been, that the buyers nowadays are buyers, who will serial refund over and over again.

    I want to use Warrior Forum, so potential affiliates would be interested in promoting my product, when they see that my offers converts… Could this be a strategy that would be viable for huge success?. I´ve tried making WSO´s before without to much success, simply because the buyers where mostly serial refunders, and people who comment on every wso thread without buying.

    Best Regards,


    Trevor Dumbleton

    For me, I’ve stopped using the Warrior Forum for WSO’s, I just use Warrior+ – building the initial traction of affiliates takes a while and they tend to follow sales, so if you can sell some to your list that will help.

    Most big launches nowadays happen outside the Warrior Forum.

    A free signature on the Warrior Forum itself can’t hurt, not sure whether it has enough traffic nowadays to make paying for a signature worthwhile or to make even posting much worthwhile – take a look at a few of the threads and viewing counts and make your own decision.

    Muncheye.com can be worth using to announce a launch – allow enough time to get the (free) thread approved.

    There are also some Facebook groups to announce launches – like everything else, they vary in activity and attention paid.

    Reach out to potential affiliates, offer them a good reason to promote you & offer a review copy. Aim for small to medium size affiliates rather than the big guns who promote everything in sight. Look at the leaderboards in Warrior+ and JVZoo and you’ll start to get a handle on who promotes what.

    Sean Mize


    when you are first starting out and need traffic and initial sales, the forum can still be helpful.

    But I got tired of the complaints in the comments, so started hosting them on my own page – but you lose the forum traffic, if you need it.

    If someone refunds more than 2x, simply blacklist them so they can’t buy again.

    If your refund rate is higher than 5%, something else is wrong (I run about 3% on W+, don’t remember what it was on the Forum



    Thanks for the advice. I will not use the Warrior Forum for traffic. I don´t want to battle with trolls, and hve to be online 24/7 to answer the questions all day long even if i answered it in the sales letter.


    Sean Mize


    I wasn’t suggesting you not use the Warrior Forum for traffic, you asked about the Warrior Forum wso section for building a starter list.

    The Forum itself is a GREAT place to build a starter list.


    Rick Smith

    Sean –

    When you say the Warrior Forum is still a great place to get traffic (I know you don’t like the word “traffic”) to build a starter list, I assume you’re talking about building a list in the IM niche.

    Sean Mize

    yes, of course

    if you were in dog training, you’d go to the dog training forum

    or in crocheting, the crocheting forum

    warrior forum is for im


    Trevor Emdon

    Does anyone know of a good forum in the personal development/self help/law of attraction niche? I’ve found quite a few over the years but most don’t allow signature links or promotion of any kind. I’m sure there must be one … at least?

    Trevor Dumbleton

    The Mind Warriors section of the Warrior Forum – not the most active but can’t currently think of any others.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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