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by Bud Evans
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    Bud Evans

    Sean asked me to post this.

    Weekly Planning And Accountability System
    This is my planning an accountability system that I’ve developed over the last 25 years or so. It’s a relatively simple system and it doesn’t take more in about an hour a week once you develop the right mindset and learn the basics.
    I am a great believer in mind maps. The biggest thing about mind maps is that they changed your thinking pattern from being vertically integrated to being a holographic integrated. That was a mouthful. What that means is that instead of having outline to follow you have a horizontally integrated map. Now my mind mapping system for doing my weekly planning is really simple. I take a blank sheet of paper and write the date of the week in the center of it and call it tasks. My next step is to list around the edge of that circle on separate lines all the roles I expect to take on that week. For example:
    • Mechanic or technician if you prefer the modern term.
    • Husband.
    • If you have children at home that include head of the family.
    • Marketer.
    • Writer.
    • Church member.
    • Gardner.
    • Farm maintenance manager.
    • And so forth.
    Each of those extend out from the center of the circle with the role written on the line. Then I list the tasks that I must accomplish for each of those roles on a line coming off of the role line.
    Once that is accomplished I make a second mind map and call it tasks for each day. I draw lines off from the center again and list the days of the week. I transfer the tasks from the other mind map to this one listing them on the days that I think I will get them done and generally I estimate the number of hours to accomplish the task. I place that number in a circle at the end of the task.
    Now I use the Franklin planner to track my tasks. I know that’s old-fashioned but I have found that for me putting the information on electronic device is not the same as it writing it down in a notebook. My planner has two pages for each day of the week. The first page list the tasks and includes a column for the hours in the day. I then fill in the tasks for each day and list the hours that it will take to accomplish the task. As I complete the task I check it off in this notebook.
    For every task that I complete that takes more than two hours I noted on the note page for Saturday is task completed. This makes me accountable to my own planning and provides a great sense a reward especially when things don’t go right. I usually accomplish more than 18 tasks a week that take at least two hours.
    I have stolen most of this information in this method of planning from a couple sources. Barbara Sher, wrote, WITCHCRAFT HOW TO GET WHAT YOU REALLY WANT. The second book I stole from is Stephen Covey, SEVEN HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE. The rest of the stuff I stole from the Franklin Institute when Westinghouse sent me to their classes over a six-month period. I would recommend that everyone read those two books. They will open your mind up to a lot of new thoughts. I would also recommend that you find a couple of books and articles on mind mapping and get the value from them.

    Any comments would be appreciated.

    Don Sturgill

    I think that one book is “Wishcraft,” George 🙂

    I’d need to see it to fathom it this late at night, but I sure appreciate the share. Sound’s like Covey’s idea of covering all the bases, but as a graphic representation?

    Much appreciated.

    Bud Evans

    You are right the book is Wishcraft. Blame the spell check, ha, ha.


    Sean Mize

    I think one of the lessons learned from this post is that when you have a system for being productive, and you make it work . . . it becomes the system that works for you. So often, folks try to do what someone else does just because it works for the other person . . . but not making sure it works for YOU. I encourage you to find what works for you, and then do that!


    Bob Thibodeau

    Thanks Bud! Great plan…I used to use a similar system when I owned my own business back in the early 1990’s – and had forgotten all about it until you posted this! I have to reinstitute this for my online business. I think it will work wonders for my productivity! Thanks again!

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