What is a good Good resource/ training on How To Create A Video?

by Donna Walsh
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    Donna Walsh

    Could someone suggest a great resource or training that teaches how to create a video?

    I want something that will tell me what I need and also has a list of the best tools to use.

    For example, do I need a camcorder? What is the best camcorder for making YouTube videos? What is the best editor for my videos? Etc.


    Trevor Dumbleton

    Depends what type of video you want to make:

    * Slideshow style – see my free tutorial – can be done with free software and the microphone that’s probably in your laptop.
    * Motion videos – your phone will take decent quality – for instance, the latest iPhone is 4k video yet fits in your pocket.
    * Interview style – follow people like Mike from Maine but take the time to look at his early episodes when he was still learning as well as his more recent ones. Or the recipe videos or the plumbers or whichever other niche you think you can model.
    * Dismembered hand whiteboard style or cartoon – Fiverr unless you’re really into software.
    * YouTube ads & other deep stuff – Adam Payne (join his Beers with Adam Facebook group) or Kurt Melvin but learn the basics first so you know the direction you want to go.

    Check out some channels you like and model what they do that impresses you – several people on this forum using video including Sean, Cynthia, Rick, Keye and myself, each in quite different ways.

    Software => free or cheap is readily available. So is more expensive stuff but learn the basics on the cheapies – they’re almost certainly more powerful than you’ll ever need in real life unless you want to rival Pixar and Disney.

    Donna Walsh

    Hi Trevor.

    Thank you.

    I do have Camtasia so I already know how to create a video using slides. (This is something I recently taught myself to do through trial and error, although it did take me several months to get it right.) I have produced a few of this type of video as upsells to my products.

    I guess I should clarify as what I want to produce are videos of myself talking about stuff so I get a targeted following to whom I can promote my products to. I do have a decent webcam ( a MS LifeCam Cinema) as well as a Sony camcorder. My phone is a Galaxy 7s edge which takes decent videos but since I want videos of myself, it really is not useful to me for the type of videos I want to create.

    So, do you think I should use my webcam, mt camcorder, or something else?

    Thanks again for your input.

    Trevor Dumbleton

    If it was me, I’d start with the webcam and see how it went although I do remember someone recently saying their first few videos with a camcorder looked closer to hostage videos so you could put the camcorder on a tripod if you prefer.

    You’ll get better with practice – Dan Kennedy once said that he’d love to recall all the early audios he produced but he was happy enough with them at the time.

    Videos don’t have to be Hollywood standard – look at most recipe, plumbing, etc. videos and you’ll see that most don’t edit much if at all.

    Some of the teen(ish) fashion vloggers edit scenes together but they’re still filming in their bedroom or a set that looks like a bedroom – some are quite professional really, they just don’t like to show it publicly.

    Donna Walsh

    Thanks once again Trevor. I will try using my webcam later today to produce a short video.

    I will let you know how it goes!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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