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by Buck McDaniel
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    Buck McDaniel

    I received an email from a site I signed up for looking to see what it was. The coach there asked us to write one question and the best question would win $500 and other free prizes. I looked and everyone was asking the same questions we see day in and day out. Nothing new. I thought about it a few minutes but could not figure out what question to ask.

    I left and gave it no further thought, but today I got an email …

    “I saw you signed up with us yesterday… Welcome!
    I also noticed you didn’t submit a question for our business experts yet…”

    I started to reply to the email and explain why I didn’t leave a question, but then, I went to the site and finished the email there.

    I thought this might be useful to some of you here. You all know I don’t hold back the truth. I have posted my struggles and my victories, my discouragement and excitement here. I do so in hopes it really helps you who go through the same things I experience, and of course, I hope to share many victories with you as well so you see what it’s like to come out the other side of the tunnel.

    Well, here is what I wrote. I hope it brings you to encouragement and light rather than discouragement.
    ===== Original Message Follows =====

    I received your email stating asking me to ask my one question. So I started to reply to the email, but decided to post it here to, hopefully, benefit others.

    I am replying to your email about not leaving a question, because, in all honesty, as hard as I try to think of one, I can’t. You see, I already know it all.

    No, not like that. I have been studying this market for a few years. I have spent $1,000s on products and have actually read or viewed more than 95% (that weren’t PLR)

    In March, I started taking this business serious. I took what I know in my head, created an outline, and put to action what I knew needed to be done. My first project was nearly completed, when I discovered that I neither had the technology or the money to realize my goal for that site. So, I moved it to back burner.

    I created a new plan, and took action again. This time, I took into account what I learned from my first attempt. I planned based on technology I both had and could afford.

    The last two weeks, It has been making money for me. Not much, but it is producing. So, I am on the way.

    While I just started taking it serious in April, I didn’t just start working on the site. It was two years in the works. But, In April, I determined to see it through to completion.

    My delay and struggles haven’t been in knowing what to do, but how to get it done. My last two years, and especially, the last two months, have been plagued with work for 10 minutes, spend hours, if not days, trying to learn how to do the next step. When I learn it, I spend 45 seconds implementing it, and I move forward again.

    Then, ten minutes later, it’s rinse and repeat. Search for how to do it, figure it out, spend a few seconds doing it, and work ten more minutes till I hit the next roadblock.

    I quit setting a calendar deadline on what I want to accomplish. It’s just keep plugging at getting through the next step until I succeed.

    I said, I was making money this last two weeks. Well, 3 weeks ago, I scrapped the site I had worked on for 2 years, and without regret or remorse. I needed to do that.

    I bought a new domain name, built a similar site and started making money within one week. The next two weeks, with the help of other marketer friends, the site, even though it wasn’t complete or tested, started making money.

    I spent the last week focused on fixing bug after bug with each and every sale. But, they were sales, and the bugs were fixed, and now, the site is, for all practical purposes, complete. I moved its priority from “production” to “maintenance”.

    I erased it from my production marker board and created a list of things needed for the site on my maintenance board. I’ll do a few a week, adding and erasing as new needs ones show up and old ones are completed.

    My next model is being designed on the Production marker board.

    Now, whenever you see someone advertising a money making plan, they make it look simple. “In only 3 steps”, “7 Step Plan”, “In just a few hours”. Unless you are experienced in each of these so-called steps, if you are new to this, FORGET IT! It ain’t happening!

    This business takes work and skill and it takes experience to get it to work.

    It takes sticking to it regardless of how slow it is coming along.

    Don’t be discouraged by all I just said. It wasn’t until I overcame the “instant gratitude” mentality that I was able to break through the barrier and start making money. If you seriously believe you can replace your job, or pay all your bills in the next week or two after beginning, then you are in for a serious attitude adjustment.

    But, if you know and understand that this business takes time, and sometimes a little money, and you work accordingly, take it serious and walk through the steps regardless of how long it takes to complete each one, then, you will succeed. You will break through, and quite possibly sooner than you might expect.

    What’s my question? I guess my only question is…

    How do you convince all these people, who have been bombarded day after day with advertisements for easy, instant income streams that this business takes work, unyielding determination and the balls to stick to it, as long as it takes, to get through the setbacks, and to have the patience to keep at it until it finally pays off?

    Sean Mize


    that’s a great post.

    And it makes a great starter place for you to help others.

    You see, just about anyone else here – and many on the other site you mentioned – feel the same way.

    They know alot, but struggle to put it together.

    Think about what’s shifted in your own mind such that you are making more progress in the last 2 weeks than in a long time.

    How can you help others make that same shift?

    by the way, kudos on making money and now it’s time to scale!


    Mark Rhodes

    That was good, Buck. Both real and encouraging.


    Buck McDaniel

    Thank you Sean and Mark,

    I guess if there’s a secret to my success, it’s not from the last two weeks. It’s from the last two months. April, I determined that I was going to work through my project regardless of the setbacks. Everyday I make progress, as little as it may be, it is still progress.

    I work for a few minutes until I hit a road block, then I take whatever time it takes to find the solution, whether it’s two hours or two days. Then, I spend the few minutes (usually seconds) applying it and continuing on until I hit the next.

    As you all know, I had my shares of discouragement and frustrations! I just keep believing that I will get through it, and I keep working at it rather than give up and try something ‘easier’.

    There is no “easy.” This is all hard work until you learn it and practice it.

    Funny thing. As I am writing this, I am watching a webinar on how to build a membership site in 5 minutes. For the last 10 minutes, the host has been struggling to get one step to actually do what it is supposed to do. I doubt the he thinks it’s funny, but I don’t mean laughable, funny. He is saying his file server isn’t responding.

    That’s an experienced person having the same problem, live in a webinar! So, just expect that it is part of the cost of doing business. Either take the time to learn and work through it, or hire someone experienced in doing it.

    One suggestion I do have, comes from the Bible. In the Old Testament, the children of Israel were instructed to rest on the Sabbath. That was a commandment for THEIR benefit!

    If you are pressed and working this business 7 days a week, take a day off! Even secular psychology has now started saying that we are more efficient 6 days a week when we have rested one day than we are working 7 days a week.


    I am completely new here and this is the first post I have read. Buck, if this thread is any indication of finding like-mindedness here, I am going to be thrilled.

    I am coming from a much different place than you, but can still identify with your position. I have been in business for 26 years, first selling software in my niche (which was highly profitable for the first 15 years or so) and then adding information products and books. Now I find that the software part is just to top-heavy with my labor to go forward with new development.

    That leaves re-invention and a transition to

    My issue has always been “overwhelm.” There is just too much for one person to do. Sean’s materials have served me well but not in the way many people would think.

    I look at his materials from the standpoint that I want to do what he is doing, the way he is doing it.

    Dave Schwartz

    Sean Mize


    I gotta say welcome, and pleased to see you here!

    I think over time you might meet a few more likeminded folks, would love to see you active in here 🙂



    Thanks, Sean.

    For those who might be reading this, Sean and I have a small (very positive) history, aside from the fact that I once posted on Warrior Forum that one should just blindly buy everything Sean puts up on day 1. As it turned out, he built new products faster than I could take them in and I simply couldn’t keep up.


    Buck McDaniel

    LOL Dave, been there, done that! When Sean put up his entire pre-2015 business for sale, I first wished I could afford to buy it. When I looked at what I had, I laughed. I realized that I had already bought everything with either PLR or Resell rights. I spent weeks downloading and organizing it to minimize duplications.

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