where and how can I market this membership site?

by Elizabeth Conlon
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    Elizabeth Conlon

    HI Sean.

    I created a membership site, called SiliconBeachAcademy.com,
    and eventually want to get great marketing teachers to put up their courses. ( More on that in another email)
    But for now, i am only able to get quality plr training on the site.
    I’ll also eventually have my own courses to my own membership, like you suggest, but for now, this is one is finished, so I’m marketing this.

    I’m proud of it, and to launch it, I offered a free trial for 30 days, with very little action.
    I then offered a lifetime subscription in a landing page and placed an ad on WSO, facebook groups, my tiny list, and no bites!
    What am i doing wrong? I don’t want to place facebook ads yet, because if I feel I can’t get traction now with a lifetime membership, then I
    need to tweak some things before I start spending real money for ads.

    Please let me know what you’d suggest.
    here is the landing page
    and the site is Siliconbeachacademy.com


    Sean Mize


    it’s hard to market a membership directly – it’s much easier if you send prospects to a squeeze page where they can get on your list, then you send a daily email where you build trust and relationship, and then you can market the membership to your list itself


    Elizabeth Conlon

    thank you!!! I will take action on this

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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