Where Store Video They Have Paid For

by Dale Tyson
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    Trevor Dumbleton

    Personal view is make life easy for buyers – I rarely password protect anything.


    * Just make sure the pages aren’t able to be easily found. In WordPress (the Search Exclude plugin does that), outside WordPress don’t include them in a site map or a directory that can just be browsed (make sure there’s an index page in each directory)
    * In WordPress, exclude from the list of pages if they’re a page, not a post (Exclude Pages from Navigation plugin). Outside WordPress, you probably have control over site navigation.
    * Set to NoIndex NoFollow (Yoast offers that in WordPress, your HTML editor will allow you to add it outside WordPress)
    * Untick any sharing button options if appropriate.
    * Edit the page name from any auto-suggested one if it looks too easy to guess and if I’m feeling extra paranoid

    Most buyers aren’t crooks!


    Don Sturgill

    Use Infusionsoft, Dale. You’re paying for it.

    Vimeo is fine too.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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