Whether to use a generic or targeted squeeze page when building from scratch.

by Kevin Stanley
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    Kevin Stanley


    I’m starting from scratch and will be building my list by directing people to a squeeze page from you tube videos, blog posts and whatever other content I put out there (I plan to re-purpose each days content into multiple formats).

    One thing I wondered about is whether it would be better to have a targeted squeeze page rather than a general one. So for example for the niche I’m interested in (time management and productivity), is it better to have squeeze pages based around wasting time, productivity techniques, mindset and other sub categories rather than a single generic time management one?

    In my mind an offer / squeeze page that is more closely targeted to the page from which you are linking would convert better but I wondered if there is any down side to this when I’m building a list from scratch? Like do I want to actually build a more general list because it will result in a wider ranger of questions from the people on it?

    Or should I just set them both up and split test them?


    PS – I am asking questions as I think of them rather than waiting until I’m at that point in the training. I will stick to the training and update my accountability appropriately but I thought it was better to ask questions as they come up so they are here for others to see. Please let me know if this is not preferred though.

    Sean Mize


    both work, a targeted squeeze page will help you build a stronger list, even if the conversion rate isn’t as high


    Kevin Stanley

    Thanks Sean, I will look to provide targeted squeeze pages where appropriate (for example a sign up on a blog post to get a PDF version of it free) but keep a general one to make sure I always have something to send people to until I create it.


    Buck McDaniel

    Kevin, as you build your list of members in the ‘general’ list, keep asking them what they want to know. They will let you know and you can build in the direction that they direct you to. Sean is neither the first nor last marketer I heard say that his business grew after he finally asked the list what they wanted and then gave it to them.

    Kevin Stanley

    Thanks Buck, I’ve been listening to the Maven training today and there was a piece in that which made me think the same thing. It was where Sean said about how your business won’t be perfect at first but you need to get something going so you can then ask your list, like you say.

    Thanks for the input!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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