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by William Twiner
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    William Twiner

    Good day!

    My name is William Twiner. I run an SEO agency and have been wanting to get into the infomarketing space for a LONG time. I am was very confused as to which direction to go for some time. With SEO, I have to move in many directions at one time and that doesn’t seem to help too much when I need to focus. lol

    Sean has been a BIG help to me and helped uncover a real passion of mine, Conversions.

    So, my big goal is to get:

    1 Squeeze page up
    2. Lay the plan for the business
    A. Main product
    B. Upsell
    C. Coaching
    3. Get my daily emails written (30 days worth.)
    4. Solidfy the Lead Magnet
    5. Get LinkedIN profile page up.
    6. Make everything congruent – Profile, Emails, Product, Etc

    William Twiner

    I am going to Audible to get the books that Sean Recommended. I found all of them on Audible, excited because I can listen to them on 2x speed 🙂

    William Twiner

    Having some more items I need to complete:

    10 X 10 Matrix

    William Twiner

    I just bought Abundance and will be listening to this all the way through.

    here is the link if anyone would like it:

    Robert Mason

    Hi William, it is good to meet you. Just love your enthusiasm. Good luck with all of that.

    William Twiner

    Thanks Robert!

    Shelia Solomon

    Hi, William, thanks for the link. It’s very nice to meet you and I look forward to working with you hee.

    Julia Rotgers

    Hi William, great to meet you.

    Looks like you’re making progress, keep it going!


    William Twiner

    Thanks guys! I really appreciate the support.

    To keep everything congruent, I went and changed my LinkedIn profile to match what I will be doing here.

    I am on the 5th chapter of Better and Faster (decided to go with this one first).

    Today, I am going to look into making a squeeze page on WilliamTwiner.com


    1. I am using MarketHero, but I need something better to capture emails. I had a squeeze page that worked pretty well after listening to Sean’s message and not making it too hypey so you don’t attract the wrong type of customer.

    2. I need to change everything. I had so many ideas floating around that I wasn’t getting anything completed.


    Robert Mason

    Good progress, William – Better and Faster!

    William Twiner

    Thank you Robert!

    William Twiner

    I am using Market Hero and the only way that I can get emails is have my client click the “subscribe button” and then they can enter their email.

    Personally, I really like the email fields that allow you to enter your password on-screen.

    So….I spoke to the guys at Market Hero and they suggested that I get someone to code a solution.

    I tried leadpages, but it did not seem work that well.

    So, I just hired a coder to make a custom form where I can get email addresses on screen without having to sign up for another Autoresponder service.

    William Twiner

    Listening to Day 5’s recording today.

    Love the way Sean explains that an “Obvious solution” isn’t so obvious to many people.

    William Twiner

    Immediate things I need to do right now.

    1. Need to finish my squeeze page. – Should be completed in the next 48 hours.
    2. Lead Magnet – I have one. Praise God he lead me to do this a couple of years ago.
    3. Change signature to offer this for free on the Warrior Forum

    Hope to have these finished by Monday. Then my next list. 🙂

    Robert Mason

    Hi William

    Day 5’s recording? Where is that? Which course are you doing?

    Who am I? Where am I?

    Hey, good progress William.

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